[Download] Grade 13 Syllabuses & Teacher’s Instructional Manuals

Grade 13 – Syllabuses in Sinhala Civil Technology Electrical, Electronic & Information Technology Mechanical Technology Greek and Roman Civilization Information Communication Technology Hindi Pali Sanskrit Information Communication Technology (Revisited)-2015 Technology Stream(Biosystems Technology) Technology Stream(Science for Technology) Technology Stream(Engineering Technology) Communication… Continue Reading


[Download] Grade 12, 13 Syllabuses & Teacher’s Instructional Manuals

Grade 12, 13 – Syllabuses in Sinhala Hindi Pali Sanskrit Accounting Agricultural Science Buddhism Buddhist Civilization Business Studies Chemistry Christian Civilization Christianity Combined Mathematics Communication & Media Studies Dancing Economics General Information Technology Geography Hard Technology Higher Mathematics History Home… Continue Reading


[Download] Grade 11 Syllabuses & Teacher’s Instructional Manuals

Grade 11 – Syllabuses in Sinhala Business & Accounting Studies Civics & Governance Design & Technology Entrepreneurial Studies History Buddhism Communication & Media Studies Grade 11 – Teacher’s Instructional Manuals in Sinhala *Syllabus and Teacher’s Guide Effective from 2015 onwards.… Continue Reading